Frequently Asked Questions

At Epsom Medical Centre, we want to make it easy and convenient to work with us. Below you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

How to…

Book a Doctors Appointment

Appointments can be made via:

1. Manage My Health – Standard 15-minute doctor appointments*

2. Email:


  • Patient Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Reason for visiting (this allows us to ensure appropriate appointment length)
  • Some options for preferred day and time

Our email is monitored during the working day. We will contact you with an appointment time.

NOTE: Standard doctor appointments are 15 minutes. This allows time to thoroughly assess and manage one concern. If you have more than one item to address, please email to arrange your appointment and outline your reason for visiting. We will work with you to schedule the appropriate consultation. This could include time with the practice nurse, completion of a form remotely, or an extended appointment with the doctor.

For URGENT appointments:

We do our best to accommodate urgent appointments – don’t be put off if you cannot find an appointment on the Manage My Health portal.

To request an urgent appointment, email (this allows us to assess the situation and respond with the best option*).


Include in the email:

  • Patient name
  • Date of birth
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Reason for an urgent appointment

If we have not responded within 2 hours phone 09 520 5060.

*How we respond will depend on the situation. Typically, we will provide a time for the Practice Nurse to call back for more detail. If a fit-in appointment is appropriate, the Practice Nurse will liaise with the Doctor and get back to you with a plan. Usually, you will be seen initially by the nurse for assessment and recordings. The doctor will then see you in the nursing area for the medical assessment.

Book a Nurse Appointment

The time required for Nurse appointments varies depending on the service required. Nurse appointments can only be booked via email. To book, email


  • Patient Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Nurse service required (this allows us to ensure appropriate appointment length)
  • Some options for preferred day and time

We will contact you to arrange an appropriate appointment.

Services our nursing team provide include wound care (accidents, post-operative, and ulcers), child and adult immunisations, Aclasta and iron infusions, blood pressure monitoring, diabetes foot checks, B12 injections, COVID-19 management and support.

Order Repeat Prescriptions

To ensure the accuracy of a repeat prescription request we cannot accept repeat prescription requests via phone. Please follow the steps below to order your repeat prescription.

Standard Repeat Prescription (will be done by the end of the following working day)

Fee: $25.

Order via our Manage My Health Portal.

If you are unable to order via the portal, email


  • patient name
  • date of birth
  • medication required
  • pharmacy the prescription is to be sent to

Your prescription will be sent to the pharmacy by the end of the working day after your request.

You will usually be notified via text message when the prescription has been sent.

We will send an invoice by text message and email and your prompt payment helps us keep our costs low.


Same Day Prescription

Fee $40

Order via email to stating URGENT PRESCRIPTION REQUEST in the subject line. (Manage My Health cannot identify requests as urgent).


  • patient name
  • date of birth
  • medication required
  • pharmacy it is to be sent to

We try to accommodate same-day requests but cannot guarantee them.

Same-day prescription requests require additional work, and the fee reflects this.

View Test Results

We will only contact you only if there is a concern about the results of your blood or other medical tests. If your results are normal, you will not be contacted.

You can view many of your test results via Manage My Health, our online patient portal.

It will usually take a couple of days for blood and urine results, a week for smears and two weeks for the results of skin biopsies. Not all results will appear on the portal.

If you have any questions or would like further information about your test results, please email us at with your name, date of birth and an outline of your request. We will then pass your query on to the most appropriate person.

A plan to communicate the results of any tests we arrange will be made at the time of consultation. Different tests and situations will require different follow-ups.

Generally, blood tests which we have arranged will be visible via the Manage My Health portal, once they have been signed off by the ordering Doctor.

This can take a variable amount of time, depending on the doctor’s workload, and how long it takes for the results to come to us after the test is done.

Sometimes there is an abnormal or complex result, and the doctor needs to do some follow-up work before authorising/’filing’ the result.

It will usually take a couple of days for most blood and urine results, 2-3 weeks for smears and 3-4 weeks for the results of skin biopsies. Not all results will appear on the portal.

The results of scans and tests arranged by hospitals and specialists go to the ordering specialist and are not usually available to us or visible on Manage My Health.

The specialist who orders these tests is the usual point of contact for the result.

Register for Manage My Health (Online Patient Portal)

Manage My Health is a quick and easy way to make standard (15-minute) doctor appointments, request regular medication and review many test results – 24/7.

Register for Manage My Health by sending us an email to

We will reply with an activation code to get things started.

If you run into problems email us and we’ll be happy to help.

Make a Payment

Payment is required at the time of consultation. We ask that you pay promptly to enable us to keep our fees down.

We use the online payment platform VensaPay.

When an invoice is generated, you will receive a text message to your mobile phone. Simply click on the secure link to view and pay through a secure payment platform. Payment is by credit card or bank-to-bank. You will automatically be sent a receipt.

Payment can also be made to our bank account.

Account Name: Epsom Medical Centre Limited

Account Number: 15-3968-0110301-10

Please use the invoice number as the reference

An overdue account fee of $10 per month will be applied to outstanding accounts.

Contact Us

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